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these was much improved, and rendered more successful, by com-
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spectacle, clearer than any other conjunction can give,
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continues this manipulation until he thinks that he has produced
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turbances of nutrition. But the part played by renal insufficiency is
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cal association, the University of Washington’s CME
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general opinion that rabies is always fatal. In a personal obser-
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(H, 1) had a similar condition, as well as his brother's son (HI, 1). Of the
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morphia burned in a day; the chief part of this is literally burned
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result as possible the most prompt and energetic anti-
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glass or sand, and by nearly all spongy or porous bodies. But this
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The President appointed Drs. Stockton and Beniis to act with the Sec-
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of the salt was decomposed with sodium carbonate solution, the
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compress of two and a half per cent, solution of carbolic acid covered
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undeveloped testicles of children and in the adult. The lesions begin as an
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bottle of pepper-sauce, being the first 1 had ever seen;
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^^ The colorimetric determination which gives fairly good results in the case of
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its interest would be much lessened so far as surgical injuries are con-
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"It certainly is not homoeopathic, but it is still, however it may act, one of the most reliable reme-
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mystery until his grandson, Charles Darwin, playing
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Wantz, George Edward. Clinical Professor of Surgery.
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Numerous local applications, both hot and cold, have been
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55% represents slight impairment, 30% to 45% is moderate
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manner as it cannot slip away, letting the paper cover the
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