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the sensory nucleus of the fifth nerve to the opposite side of the medulla.

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"This being done, I commence with tonics and iodide of iron. If there be

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(kidney compressed by lacing?). A case of torsion of the kid-

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and intelligent scheme devised by a late officer of the

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hyperthyroidism. We feel, then, from the experience of 11 clinical cases

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ed with a gangrene : if a cure fhould follow, the fides

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They consist chiefly of foci of bronchitis and bronchopneumonia. They are

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linger, and an incision made by passing the lancet through

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with the waxy look, frequent small pulse, and headach in as-

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begin to disintegrate and give rise to excavation, with most of the

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sent us of a pill with a formula which should render it of excellent

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filled in practically by the blood-clot, and you see how

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in the career of a noted quack woman of the midland

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as to the moral character of all applicants, and to this end see that all appli-

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^^^H W5hler linds that those vegetable-acid salts in which tbe acid i« id

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mia took place, at periods of 14, 22, and -48 hours,

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marked in certain types of fever than in others, and it is essentially dif-

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Fever in Bos. City Hosp." Contrib., "Experiments in the Case

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to speak, but made signs as if intelligent. The right arm and

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examinations prior to the general meeting. As it is now, these

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cillus, and which give it the rank of a variety or race.

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and the few facts which I might recall from memory prove

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neer the young king's demise. The two principal suspects. Ay,

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The first thing that is formed \'a\\Q a^mnos^ the next the

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Mrs. B 's case, namely, the slightly raised, opaque, yellowish lines

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appointed, with Mr. J. W. B. Hodsdon, F.E.C.S., and Dr. Edwin

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war. The comfort, and even safety of the suflering, re-

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per cent of the twenty-eight patients recovering from the

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of Charcot and others that the fibres of the capsule are arranged in an

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manual on the intestinal and peritoneal The Neale Publishing Company, New

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lecturers have arrauged to work together in " teams," so that the

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in its direction. In the instance of a spherical bullet, the incision

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he be a constant attendant at church, is apt to look over his accounts

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compound them as directed, and dispense. Poisonous prescriptions

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It stands at the head of the long list of excellent

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only fair comparison is a comparison of the general averages in fairly

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of the chemicals found in the suprarenal secretion.

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ing with strong silk or wire. These operations are almost always favora-