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of his cases, but a diffuse purulent infiltration, always
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circumstance explained by the fact that at the period of their evolu-
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in carrying wood. Louis and Bouillaud quote from M. Caillot
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Spleen: Trabeculse abnormally large and numerous. Kidneys:
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remember, however, the fat must not be skimmed off; the
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easily seen. The pulmonary arteries were large and close together," one, the
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excite the inflammation, at least at a certain period of their
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further popularity and dissemination of French caricature. People turned to
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animal well with rich and nutritious material, such as lin-
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the walls of the intestine, cross the peritoneal cavity, and, travelling
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abolished even when the temperature is brought down to 18° C. (2)
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valves, are developed after acute articular rheumatism and chorea, or often
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But perhaps it has at least robbed the pestilence of some
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for any length of time, if at all. The most remarkable example
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eral ways, thus: $0.50, 50 cents, and 500 mills, all mean the
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Preservation of the myocardium: Patients with continue;
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A branch of the Association for the Prevention of Tuberculosis has
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Following this first seizure he had several similar attacks
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To sum up — The confusional insanities are due to the action
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cedent fever, abdominal pain, rhinorrhea, nasal conges-
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Under the title of clinical cases, illustrating the subject of ampu-
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being young ; if of a good breed and well fed, it is better for
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on the election of Fellows, and they reported the list as presented by
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