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it caused a sensation like that occasioned by a mustard poultice, and the

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the cerebellum have been described by many physiologists and clinicians,

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cation theory? Firstly, that many neurasthenics present

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vasoconstrictor part of the vasomotor center becomes stimulated, so

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Hotel del Coronado, San Diego. Sun Fri 41 hrs. $600. Contact: Dawne

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else it was more frequently recognized than it hith-

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it would seem to indicate that the vagus nerve weakens the auricular,

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JMrS. a small woman of healthy constitution, thirty-three

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ray, either alone or combined with rest. This table includes :

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appointing, and the practice has been followed by bthers with consider-

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dium to what extent the seed then sown has borne fruit?

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ularly predisposed to this anomaly has been completely verified.

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higher readings of the arterial pressure, it is particularly

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and by its absence when there was no secretion even though the vascular

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during pregnancy, labor or the puerperium which is not

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instance where the renal malady reaches its extremest grade, and

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dently expecting to demonstrate a typhoid perforation. To my

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weight and stature; or that there are strong men and weak

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' • Does the system make a difference in terms of the

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head be straightened and then freed, it will immediately return

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from the meatus urinarius, and it is easy to comprehend the me-

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salicylic solution, and is worthy of a trial in consumption. —

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one by the way — is altogether based on a fallacy. I feel

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