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hemorrhage from a simple gastric ulcer. Perforation of a typhoid ulcer

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that class of tonic remedies which are calculated to sustain

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in adding to the number of cows, and the effect of the friendly rivalry

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their unassuming teacher, and feel that to him they owe in

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A judge of a Massachusetts court, in ruling upon a case of alleged

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which ran for nearly forty miles, biting everything

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Brooke it is 16° 02', and at Key West only 11° 34'; and whilst the

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be convenient to arrange them in groups according to some

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Hilson, of Jedburgh, the tumour, which was about the. size of a

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it ; somtimes he suffers it, as he thinks it relieves his cramps.

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dirty white or pale yellow, and at the same time becomes anaesthetic.

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making measurements of sections across the heart in one or other of

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less sensitive than the palpebral conjunctiva, with

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cies were ineffective in controlling lead exposure.

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The public has a right to be protected against the dissemination of ill-

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92. Carbolic Acid and Zymotic Disease. Dr. John Dougall .... 96

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of the appended article, may, once in awhile, prove successful, yet,

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ical instruction is the reason for the continuance of

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to the Episcopal Hospital; Consulting Surgeon to St. Chris-

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still perceptible per vaginam, but movements of the femur are no

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peculiarly the doctrines of Addison, we may be allowed

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The relationship has in the past been very good. We ve

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during that month and because of the severity of the

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mad only in warm weather — never in cold — and that they have a

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denburgh informed me that a thin layer of magnesian

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And they'd think you quite mad for prescribing such things.

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Drs. J. C. Wilson and R. Hutchinson 3 tried sulphonal