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Sequard's paralysis underwent laminectomy, and after the operation
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botii ; it was increased in size ; in some cases very much so.
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bronchi but there was no pneumonia. Hog-cholera bacilli were found in
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to swallow often causes spasm of the pharyngeal muscles.
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and brought under medical attention and public health super-
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extact of convallaria maialis in the dose of fifteen to twenty grains.
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eaten at various times eleven underdone roasted chickens,
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centre, and coincide in their concentric fringes, generating an image of intensified con-
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It is the great prominence of functional affections
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ferer ; all is excitement and anxiety as when a fierce battle is raging
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Thomas's thesis is the tendency to deviation of the unsupported limbs,
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nature plenty of time, half an hour or more, to accomplish her work
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individuals they are crowded with, and not only that, but breathing
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coma comes on, which may perhaps pass off in a day or two, but
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Baillie of London, as an alterative and diuretic in anasarca.
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and most effective kind, viz., surface, for a full account of
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(6) She felt weak and tired, and there was an awkwardness in
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reliableness thoroughly in accordance with its pre-
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wards the end the blood had more the character of a secondary
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The superiority of such milk to heated milk as a food for infants