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logical, 41; laryngological, 19. Out-Door: Surgical, 701; medical,

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* The Diseases of the Heart and the Aorta, p. 88. Dublin, 1854.

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difficult to make a very thorough examination. A smooth

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causation, and other circumstances, to make comparison possible. He

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disease, aortic regurgitation, or chronic nephritis ;

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and in all except acute nephritis and cyanotic indu-

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picture, however, with barium clysema, showed a definite filling

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Part I.: — Dissection of the A-Y bundle in a shee])'s

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woman with doing harm by spreading contagious disease.

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typhoid vaccine is due to a specific leukocytosis. More recently, how-

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made. He was at first disposed to regard it as a normal

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being formed in the system, notwithstanding the emaciation and the small amount

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place, because some of the exciting causes are liable to be fol-

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malarial trouble the spleen becomes enlarged. He thought that there

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lation and control of medical care would necessarily re-

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a purulent exudate from an immunized ass, swarming with tj'phoid bacilli,

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was mingled with the sputa and nasal mucus. There was a con-

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suspect any one of them of the offense. We had a servant-

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the left side, with corresponding motion at all other

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especially in cows with large udders. The degree and

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portions of the clots, which would be carried into the circulation, and would

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principally in the tumor. Protective inoculation has been

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