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The difference is very largely in the pre-natal molding power of the

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Labour came on three days before the calculated time, and with

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by French, American, and Austrian surgeons, has still, however,

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Dr. Samuel Weinberg and Frances Weinberg Loeb Award

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We make our incision with a view to removing as thoroughly

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regarded as mere shamming. — Arch. dl'Opht., 1904, Paris, tome viii.

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The Dietetic Treatment of Heart Disease. — Glax again calls

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Crura Cerebri. — The evidence on which we rely for the localisation of a

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The case is of interest because miliary tuberculosis in a generalized

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This precipitate when filtered off and weighed affords

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rapidly. (3) Veronal sodium is more readily employed per rectum.

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lesions, ai>d a further consideration of the question only strengthens

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on the authority of the Examining Board to prosecutions of

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to add a further -sheaf of compliments to those col-

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without the intervention of specificity, it struck me that a

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that in three minutes after the work had been discontinued the tension

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period antecedent to that which we are considering. The stage of

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to be at least 1000 yards from the rear of the troops engaged.

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mains great hoarseness, and a tendency to a return of spasmodic con-

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