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tion. If the grunt comes when struck at, it is generall}- chronic; as an
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true, that, by their magic, they sometimes produce wonderful effects ; thus,
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case, usually during the secondary stage when the rheumatoid pains and
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the tube, the shadow of the foreign body on the screen must also move.
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1906 a.— Ouvorture dcs kystes hydatiques do foie dans la veine cave et les veines
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(a) Tertian Fever. — In the blood of a patient examined within
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the part played by this lesion in the production of the local and
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Aug. 15tn. — The scrotum became inflamed, and soon an
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coma comes on, which may perhaps pass off in a day or two, but
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cles of the Materia Medica successfully employed in the practice of a well-known American practi-
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" pox " as it is called — which is due to excessive perspiration — sponging
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I hastened to the house, but he had died but seven minutes before
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The Normal Index. — In a previous communication based on obser-