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pain than usual next morning, which quickly disappeared of its
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With regard to the results. During the six weeks Mr. Cowen tried the
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may be seen at once that the number of graduates of the medical schools
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the injured blood-vessel He attached great importance to the proper
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pounds, was almost completely calcified, and was so
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some medical man living in the inland country. The diet of the general
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that is, gapping behind ;and to prize up the engaged
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After this appliance had been worn about fifteen years
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case, also a self-reETlsterine; Clinical Thermometer with Indestructible
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It must be kept in mind by the reader, that, in obedience to a gene-
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Mastbaum Research Laboratory of the Jewish Hospital;
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of the number of these trees growing upon his estate. Few
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ly after the other, according to the depth of color desired.
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does not provide adequate quantities of proteins and min-
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In considering these two cases it is of course open to say that
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the streptococcus are destroyed in less than six hours. The bacilli of diph-
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infection came was the victim of syphilis." Basser-
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Tyzzer describes the changes in the cornea, the mucous membrane (nose),
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from asphyxia may occur during one of them. In other cases the
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Surgeon Bftolie on being relieved will report in person without delaj
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houses of European residents as well as those of Asiatics.
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relief, and the application of one or two leeches is occasionally helpful.
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died in great agony after two days, the owner not being willing