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lent. The stools are merely solutions of the aliiiient, and unmixed

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fistula has to be made, it should be as large as possible and near the

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that a patient who showed symptoms of general purulent meningitis

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of counter-irritation along the spine ; this is best done by a paste con-

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and most effective kind, viz., surface, for a full account of

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As stated by Welch and Xuttall,* the bacillus described by E. Fraenkel,"

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longemens bifurques, qui ont quelque ressemblance avec les pieds d'une tortue

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while the bony covering they form is, at the best, of little protective value.

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rarefaction of the air. The only exceptions to this general rule have been supplied from

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1878 d. — Annotazioni cliniche sull' Anchilostoma duodenale. [Abstract] <Ann.

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under one year old, of ^^'hom 10 were under one month old), and

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exactly the same course as did those in which salt bags had been

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rie, in S. Fothergill's Treatise on Dolor Faciei Nervorum Crucians.

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succeeded by coma. I have already said that the patients are

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>) Noble Fee. — Sergeant-Major Freyer, M.D., I. M.S.,

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this opportunity to pay a due tribute of respect to their memory ;

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tratioQ of the oil and the expulsion of the parasite was six

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Last week a prominent surgeon of this city operated

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and began cutting the adhesion with a colder cautery than usual.

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was up and comparatively well, while the poor boys were

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such attacks. At any rate, a hygienic way of living should

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I have said that the changes produced by acute pneumonia may

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consideration of the sanitary arrangement of farms and