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deprived of force as to render parturition no longer an act of

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croscope is uncertain. It may, however, be stated with suffi-

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Everything that could he thought of was done for the patient,

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have a bloodies operation'— one in which there is no terror, no

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to treatment, but in the chronic the treatment must be almost contin-

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dehcate needles which melt at 185-6° and dissolve readily in water,

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severed close to the bone, the digital fossa cleared and the tendon of the obdu-

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may employ other proteins which contain the required amino acid (Curve

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the illness is usually mild. Bacteriologic assistance is fre-

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Cousens emphasised the importance of the ring of ligatures,

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following is the substance of a circular recently sent to the

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stomach, careful diet, and internal remedies. He was made

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collects in the groin iind forms hard tumors, which re-

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There are few members of the medical profession to-

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that is shown the beneficial action of this mode of treatment. — Centralhlatt f. d.

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they are by no means the most tractable of patients, it

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secure its effective action, Dr. 1. has been in the habit of giving

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author recommended internal division on account of the immediate good result,

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destroys the action of the toxins of tetanus in less

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in which the existence of lysins in the serum cannot be demonstrated.

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germ theory of disease, had it done no more than promote