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Of all epidemic diseases, dysentery is certainly the most severe
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organ. M. Orfila made many experiments on dogs with this method, and found
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a chair, when her son, a boy of twelve, saw her try to rise and
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than any of the other classes, 3 deaths out of 5 cases, while all the other
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its appearance for the better, and in four weeks it weighed
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more members of the Manuscript Review Board, who render!
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The chemical analysis of the urine in chronic nephritis
The most outstanding incident in health matters during the past
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small, almost imperceptible ; or it is hard and resistant : (ii.) oliguria
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for some time after the actual work has been performed. This result
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very important to divide these cases into acute and
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Wilson, Isabel: Discussion: prefrontal leucotomy with ref-
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1815 a.— Idem. 1. Am. ed., xi + 201 pp. 8°. Worcester. [W m .]
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jects of treatment. " We may assert, as an axiom in the practice of medicine,
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If there will not be at least two-thirds of the root left after ampu-
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ferred ; some of the more serious cases in fact remained under observation
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Cooper," in which the fracture traversed the epiphysary line in a girl,
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ponents of the cerebellar conmiissure are similarly related in the
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The ways and means of accomplishing this very desirable result
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was demonstrated, an unsatisfactory result followed,
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five cases, and of those three had been under obser-
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