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balance, or what is termed the ' ' normal ' ' condition, affects
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oughly searched for ; the want of preceding dyscra-
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discomfort without a parallel in acute infectious diseases. There is
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different plans of treatment are rational, simple, | titioner can place himself in which Dr. Chambers's
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mere Contagion of example* An extraordinary instance of the in-
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catgut sutures employed, found them holding the parts firmly in good appo-
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* Lady Glenborvie, Lady Sheffield, and Lady Charlotte Lindsay.
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Association and the National Heart Institute of the U. S.
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early stage is often so great as to prevent passive movement being carried
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tendants. Therefore a number of the most promising methods
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pressure may produce palpitation or dyspnea, or a peculiar
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Antityphoid vaccination. Report 66, Public Health Reports.
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members are greater among the poorer classes, where crowding is more
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In the matter of figures, we have endeavored to give as few as
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those medical men, who state that scrofula has a definite duration
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Where there is a wound of any joint, there should be some appliance
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repetition. When I returned I found him exceedingly sick, (and
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seeing and hearing prominent medical personalities who lecture on
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very point on which the inexperienced practitioner wants
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his alanning disease, the infant by its smiles brings
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ated and developed tuberculosi.s in both ankles and is
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The preceding experiments certainly go to prove that a true regenera-
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sometimes even every hour, may be directly responsible for the
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This price for physicians and druggists only; to others, $2.00
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chloral or some other dru^ that is known to have an effect
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for the five months from November to March, inclusive, 21.3
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tube, and counteracts constipation and faecal accunuilu-
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and revaccinated whenever the selectmen or mayor and aldermen
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in plan, but in actual lite he i- not. Something quii
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solution becomes gradually turbid as it cools, and deposits b mu-
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tory to the problem. The work a central laboratory can perform is
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where the impression prevails that it is exclusively a
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diarrheas after the removal of the cause of the irritation. In the
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agnosis: Clinical manifestations confirmed by bacteriological