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however, before thefe ulcers, bad as they are, come

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attacked and may be finally overpowered by the leukocytes.

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almost disappeared, leaving a diffuse thickening of the scrotum analogous to that

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look the fact, that measures taken to reduce the death rate will have a

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tered should never be neglected. The abdomen and anterior

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Torino, an. 51 [3. s.], v. 36 (7), luglio, p. 305. [W m , W c .]

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after him, and I have again and again been struck, in new ones, how

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to get typical representatives of similar families, even if

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if the control of those diseases specially vested in their

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those who thus far have requested the LIFELINE system:

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Avhether the variety be mad, grass, stomach, or sleepy

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applied by exactly even and gentle traction on the two ends so

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infiltration, we shall find a splenized condition in the deeper-seated

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thrombotic disorder of newborns, previously called neonatal

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which contain, according to Bunge's tables, 4 grannnes

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restless, nursed well. The tumefaction and hardness

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positions. Up to $98,000 plus excellent Slate of California benefits.

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bordering the ventricular grey and extending lateralward from a

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This, however, seems not to be so ; for, says one of the

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insanity, but in which the patients were really insane before operation,

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electrical impulse is transmitted to a distance along them.

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320). When the symptoms are very chronic, the cold sulphurous

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that in our professionl acts we will honor the principles of moral

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the largest doses of salicylate of sodium and go uninfluenced by every

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"^"^S^ MALCOLM Q. PRICE COMPANY, m -^ m m.m« um. n. v.

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M. Louis Manetti, a student of the University of Pavia, happened to

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ordinar}'- manner. After the operation we would continue to give large

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Fig. 1. Relative rate of digestion of egg albumin solutions of different concen-

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has been felt by both parties to be capable of considerable further de-

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Dr. Ross, the patient was in a very helpless condition ;

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induction currents and by interrupted galvanic currents ; and, 4. contin-

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hyperthyroid patients or those on thyroid medicotion, and In patients with

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the affected muscles it was found that with tlie interrupted cur-

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and after six to a dozen treatments. (4) When this treatment is properly

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capsules. Dr. G. Vivian Poore has recommended garlic for this purpose in

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nerve function or a pathologically acting tissue, since for