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What Does Depakote Treat

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great majority of the cases the first symptom wliich attracts

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half an hour's absolute rest to regain its equanimity. In all these

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Minnesota. He received his training at the University

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sis, 13 complete myelographic block can occur as a result of

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eciousness a few minutes later, after spontaneous vomiting. Twenty minutes

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he was obliged to give up from increasing weakness of the

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ing of a dense cicatrix over the internal ring, the canal having been pre-

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used as an antidote for some of the poisonous toxins. At this

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Jamblichus. Gale has also given a curious extract from Hermes relative

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to the operations of the intellect, it cannot I been in Paris during the last week, and has

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and devises means for furnishing them when not in existence. The

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watched with the most intelligent care. In fact everything

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consequence of an over-nice or over-strained delicacy. Thus much

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which occurred in nearly one-half of the cases treated. By its

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College; M.D. 1977, Cornell University Medical College.

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the re-absorbed unhealthy accumulations found to exist in the

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would not maintain that this matter is as vital to the welfare of

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our struggle against this disease from the history of lep-

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118. The Danger of Badly-made and Old Catheters. M. Demarqvay . . .115

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5. ed., xii + 715 pp., 15 pis. 8°. New York. [W c .]

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paintings were done in the same paints and similar manner as that used by

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true mole, he gave Scanzoni's definition, which corresponded to

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are erroneous, the investigation goes to show that^

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in the Australasian Colonies, the Australasian Medical

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to the pharyngeal ple.xus, and first proposed by M. Ducros, of Marseille-

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41. On the Diagnosis of Cancer of the Kidney, By Dr. Max Dodbrlrin.

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last resource, when all other remedies fail ; whereas, the " open air" treatment

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because of the relative inaccessibility of the paranasal si-

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greater attention being given to these diseases. More than three years

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