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injection may remain tender to pressure for a day or two. Though the

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he must have written endorsements upon his order of at least one of the consult-

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vain to search for it elsewhere, or hope to be informed cf it

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were kept separate for histological study. These segments

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Erom the reasoning and observations of Dr. Peter, it follows, that

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animal well with rich and nutritious material, such as lin-

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Dr. Luther C. Peter put on record an unpublished case similar to that

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however well-proportioned the leg may otherwise be,

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of newly-formed fibrous tissue. The omentum adhered firmly to the walls of the sac surrounding

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ed in combustible bodies, in order to distinguish it from

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most efficacious, but the former should not be given in doses larger than

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in different localities. If we use brackets to indicate this

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Late Resident Gynecologist to the Lakeside Hospital, Cleveland, Ohio

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41. Ifchuria (peridefmica) a. vinculo flriifliori peni

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Misce. Signa. To be taken two mornings in succession, and

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adenylic acid was obtained. The brucine salts were converted as

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strong and hearty growth, that are liable to suffer from

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financial condition of the Association, having a cash

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cecum is present in a larger majority of individuals than has

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toes were bulbous, and nails incurvated. He had general livid-

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For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to dut)'. He worked indefatigably and attended a

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sician to the Presbyterian Hospital, I am enabled to report the following

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Eggs, to Preserve. — Lime, 1 bushel, salt, 2 lbs., cream

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ment, it is an effect, and not the cause, of the trouble the phy-

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account of the great heat and humidity, preferring the

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large intestine below the block, and leave the resection of the

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best. The chief object is to prevent the escape of the

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the other hand, excluding these, the relative impor-

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experience among professional men to be successful inamujority