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considers it a valuable addition to hypnotic agents,

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grains used have each distinctive and useful qualities. Oat-

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After the discovery of the spirochaeta in syphilis the same methods

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answer to those who disparage our rising generation, and pretend to fore-

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particles possess a simple molecular structure, while the

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nor — at least convincingly — in tissue culture, but in the

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upon the theory has been justified, and that each year shows

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serious underlying conditions, and it is just here that

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bers have often to go long distances and sacrifice much time in

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the forces of cure, and that science may be restricted

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well-developed division of industrial hygiene, in charge of a former

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influenza, will produce dental pathology. This occurs because ag-

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for supper, barley and raisins, rice and currants, sago and wine.

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haviour of different ions and of the reaction of the skin and tissues

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Wm. E. E., twenty-five years old, single, was treated for rheumatism of

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immunity. That these very large doses are not necessary is shown

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no tenderni 38 ov< r the sternum or the shafts of the

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macy first, or for the people who change from other colleges into ours.

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cases of which I have been speaking to you. I need not say that

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Che Est. so &r as we caa fiad after aa iadepadeat

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service of M. Laboidbfene. Patient, aged seventeen,

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the above ! The failure to eradicate swine fever would at

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and turns bright yellow under water, dissolving somewhat sparingly

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It is evident that whether we base our calculation on the comparative

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an altered state of the nerves, nor a change in the blood ; but that

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almost invariably been produced by the administration of

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church at Tours. He was worshipped at a small chapel

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from asphyxia may occur during one of them. In other cases the

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August 9th. — Was quite sensible during the whole of the day, but still re-

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Photo of ram's stomach, the upper edge in the cut lies in the front

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ings. The red blood count is 5.712,000; hemoglobin, 62

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tures of pus from the meninges and nasal cavities revealed the presence

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are few that will not yield, and more satisfactorily, to a combinar

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firmation, a few are untraced and the remainder live.