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hospital at Portsmouth the subject of complete retention.
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report. He stated that he now has twelve complete sets of the
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tity of the expectoration the degree of difficulty which attends its dis
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orographic or hydrographic causes for goitre. The disease in its endemic
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above the region of the pneumatic cells of the mastoid was
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gether with venesection are synergistic measures. As
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the arms during the first two years which period may be said to
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elimination of breeding places. The surgeon general also vis
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not only in their appearance but in the rapidity of their development. If
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quency the changes of accidental infection. Fourth. The drainage tube
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fusible and is probably oftenest carried by the surrounding air and
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discharges from the bowels should be immediately immersed in chlorine
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bled too much he touched each one with a pointed stick of
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ter and be very kindly handed me the following report. I also
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the time being about nine in the evening. The symptoms con
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minent symptoms of the Hebra Kaposi type with the Perry
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by the giving of a cold bath. If however the central temperature is
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is not should not and will not be regarded as a solution
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cerebral cortex in the area which should cause the mouth to
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will. If he ever has done the trick as Lord Chesterfield
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tumour was the only one he w ould like to ask Dr. Pearson
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circulatory disturbances said to be associated with the use of this method.
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dangerous than a single. Free bleeding may secure escape.
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Its identity with diphtheria is manifest when we consider the similarity
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nation to do something showing itself in attempts at violence to
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the part of some of those who oj pose more or less
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painful tetanic uterine contractions which are doing no good it tends
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be this hydra may be beheaded and seared. But the profes
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Borated Food as a Cause of Kidney Lesions. Charles Har
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digestive tract and the nervous system. Women are the great
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