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Capoten Nursing Considerations

whisky. This lessens the value of the brandy, and is easily discovered
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thus suddenly awakened, got hurriedly out of their berths to
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* This mode of infection was early recognised. The following curious
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fields are indexed in : Biological Abstracts; Chemical Ab-
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Description of the Liver — Secretion of Bile; its Uses, etc. — Gall-bladder-
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improve the faulty nutrition, so as to promote the formation of
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The following clever chronological classification of the ills to
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with the Cock Lane ghost story of Dr. Johnson), and
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possible, this may be removed. If it be an indigestion, this should be
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The following voluntary expressions of gratitude are only
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peritonitis may be escaped by the passage of the gan-
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from sugar cane. It is therefore entirely harmless and
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the common causes of the high percentage of mortality from
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Others seem due to a want of meat diet, rusting of the intestines
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The work is illustrated with twenty-four plates, affording microscopic views of cry-
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his interesting investigations, and to favor us with his further results at
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Nitrate of Amyl is said to be an antidote to chloroform, but I
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that at gYz P. iM., the os uteri was just dilated enough to
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N. Y., vice Colonel Charles Sutherland, surgeon, hereby re-
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the necessity of its being diluted with nitrogen. Now,
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which are non-tubercular ? In some cases of disease of one
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patient became quite unconscious. He rightly concluded that this
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At the recent meeting of the Royal Academy of Medicine,
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organ. M. Orfila made many experiments on dogs with this method, and found
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Council. Last year Dr. W. R. Smith was instructed by the London School
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for nothing or for a very small fee, and consequently, often to his
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chronicity of the disease, and of the diiBculty of its communication.
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their method of jireparing drugs is supeiior to ours,
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was one more; the number treated, 19 more; the daily average in the
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That said committee on essays, make a full report of their proceedings
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fort. Still, they have often noticed that for some little time