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1 3. Hardin JA, Steere AC, Malawista SE; Immune complexes anc

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with 5 c. c. of water, and the result was completely negative.

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An exchange says that at the Hospital of the University

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of oxydizing substances in the products of putrefaction.

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of 1 per cent sodium chloride) no multiplication took place either in

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group. For the third seasonal group, in which childbirth occurred

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who indulge in a quiet, sluggish method of life, subsisting

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sometimes advocated is the sudden withdrawal of the drug. This method

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Internal Medicine - Primary-Care Family Practice Physi-

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this is to some extent a consequence of the fact that

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rapidly fatal with no pre-existing symptoms, the ulcer possibly

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out of the rectum about an hour before the introduction of the

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its center is a perforation commonly known as the pupil. The

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bral irritation or from a complicating meningitis. Organic disease of the

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name has yet been suggested that has met with universal approval, it does