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through the wound all the intestine that would possibly come
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ingly given and in a few days, six applied for admission and
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Murray, Laird of Livingstone) and other gardens, and brought in from the Country, we
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when it also contains intestine, an epiplo-enterocele.
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characters are not the least important for the distinction which I endeavor to
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To the surprise of those who had been ardent advocates of the
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in any form. The principal symptoms in which the diagnosis
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papules, evidently of the same nature as those in the axillae, but
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showed that the cyst occupied the commencement of the right Fallopian tube,
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(Stokes), especially at the base, since here the heart may dis-
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5 of whom aborted. Considerable difference of opinion exists as to whether
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sist. This is especially valuable in post-scarlatinal, or post-
"This has continued from the last century till the alterations
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much attention to the subject among the natiA^es of India, that in the
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means made. Obstruction to the flow of blood in the cava from various
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to falsity ; exciting to feebleness (and to this it excites
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ture finally dropped to normal after several weeks and remained
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clinical course, occupying 10 hours a week for one quarter (a total of 120 hours).
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ngestive heart failure, sinus bradycardia, heart block
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They consist chiefly of foci of bronchitis and bronchopneumonia. They are
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between the placenta and the uterus, that there are some
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sue is such as to admit of an enlargement of their calibre without neces-
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3. Bell, E. T. : Renal lesions associated with multiple myeloma.
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large and deformed scars. If the complication comes on after the vesicle
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white, soft, and exceeding thin, and just under the placenta,
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fBuLLETiN No. 9 — December, 1892. Sugar Beets in Wyoming in 1892.
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