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cause of the disease within the compass of a few hundred yards on the

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mind towards the introduction of hygienic principles

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inflammation. The three things rendering the case one worthy of exhi-

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with high muzzle velocity, strikes an object while it still possesses

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to the height even of 105 or a little more. Occasionally we have

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perature when being injected slowly by placing the tubing between

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ure myelitis. A central form is seen, in which the lesion

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Mimulus nanus, H. & A. as Eunanus Fremonti, Gray, Crater Hills,

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Trocar and cannula: A sharp pointed instrument and sheath for

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taking the mother's milk in the natural way. This plan, while

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compression of the contents of the Belly upwards imitates as near as

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before us), ten grains of calomel were given every three or

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Barry H. Korzen, d.d.s., Clinical Fellow in Endodontics.

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pus is polished and smooth. Sometimes, however, the inverted uterus,

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the urates increased. Haematoporphyrin is sometimes present in consider-

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Treatment of Ununited Fractures. — In the Rcforma

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as Lepra and Impetigo, which arc assumed to depend upon

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cal association, the University of Washington’s CME

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some malaise and loss of appetite at times. At first, when two or three

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no previous experience of evacuations ! But we worked with a

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matters worse, whereas the removal of this source of irri-

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typhoid character ; or, where the pyaemic abscesses are so placed

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ing it through the bore of the fire-arm with the force to which its

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tion in different places. Prejudices, customs, the greater or less

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tation or gonorrhoea! affections of the urethra, or from a condition of

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located near the limbus, slightly below the horizontal

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posterior columno, the medullated fibres were incon-

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the punishment intended for France will fall on the

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the trachea; he was free from symptoms and his weight was normal. (2) Helen's

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doxical reactions, e g., excitement, stimulation and

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the artery and the blood is permitted to circulate through the

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and the few drops which are passed at first are due to

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self, I unhesitatingly accept as a fact this transformation of gout, of

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6. Staphylococcus pyogenes aureus. 7. Bacillus pro-