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gone, respirations were between twenty-two and twenty-five per minute,
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ing is 5.79 in Philadelphia, and 8.26 in Boston, in
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should be discussed with an ophthalmologist. Infection with
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the ages of four months and two years. This if done every winter would
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have so great a fall as to wash the soil. Their proximity to
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present, be palpated either per rectum or vaginam, and that it
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required no treatment, and if relieved of that difficulty some-
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very anxious to see the social amenities fully cultivated
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and burned, or thoroughly cleansed and disinfected. The cribs,
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Note on Sea-Sickness. — The question whether it is preferable
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in his Alma Mater, and at the same time he became at-
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every hour of waking existence, is in all cases a painful and
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when he succeeded to the charge of the Marburg Lying-in Hospital, ^records have been kept
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poisoning or septsemia, caused by a germ getting into the blood as in
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ences of these families. Much of the knowledge that has been
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extended to make grants available for "Hospital treatment for children
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