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while with a lower air supply temperatures can be kept well below

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is now a good healthy woman, married and living comfortably.

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lately had had no eye symptoms at all. At present he is

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encouragement of the building of houses to accommodate such

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some remarks on typhoid fever among the American soldiers in

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Remove all loose pieces of bone, trim edges of wound.

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patient again at a later stage, so that the effect of more pro-

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productive if the injurious salts can be eliminated. This

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Very often, when the abdomen has been opened in con-

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of clustered papules, which disappeared leaving scars, also recalled that case.

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gether too silent with regard to hereditar}' influences.

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dormant, otherwise it might grow to huge size, which is not the

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occur in the prepuce, which is not a part of the clitoris, but the

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to us. A perfected comparative anatomy and pathology may

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lee; sec. b, Tu., Sat., 8:00, Assistant Professor Winholt; sec. c, Tu., Sat.,

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munis choledocbus, the pancreatic duct withstood eleven

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instances other white tracts were involved; in some the gray matter.

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probably due to the pressure of a piece of bone ; if it comes on slowly

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I desire, however, to emphasize in a few words the fact that we

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of the pulmonary artery in the lungs ; m m, The pulmonary veins emptying into the left

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In Swabia flour food is universal, but everything is

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count was practically normal ; now, however, marked changes had

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salts, in combination with vegetable acids, have proved to be of

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images are no longer received upon the two correspond-

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of its inellicacy, as well as from the fear of disease being commu-

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just below it with a pair of rowelling scissors. He then takes a