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From what has already been said, it is evident that these acute

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relief afforded. The operator had done the operation forty-one

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puncture wa- tried, but without the slightest benefit.

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the chief State veterinarian, and the chief State veterinarian shall transmit to the

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years ago, I was called by a doctress to see a patient.

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weight, 1.34 pounds. Slight exertion, such as ascend-

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While on the subject of water, let me say that for a costive infant,

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66, of which 13 were reported at Baton Rouge. It is to be regretted

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men and animals, but this admirable method of conducting

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which either the one or the other of these varieties of leucocytes may

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commenced to make its appearance, a parallel and proportionate

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and by temporarily raising its pressure distend the next segment of the

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several varieties of malignant oedema, pseudooedema, and Rauschbrand

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fidence. From the appearance of the wound in the soft

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asserted, on the other hand, that opium ought never to be administered

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movements of the limb in the various planes in rotation, in pronation

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reporled from cerebro-a|iiiial meniiigiii* wm 8,<'id/), •

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is " atrophy of the red and hypertrophy of the yellow substance of

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skill and experience are utilized in evei'y department

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instruments, bandages, etc., our treatment and dressings must aim at

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lowing evidence : Both the cajcum and appendix were

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destination niaj be. or what their primary tnodiit operandi: whether

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in the cedematous parts ; near the periosteum they are present and

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Looking at him full face, the nose and lips were drawn to the

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the inferior meatus frequently shows the cellular elements to consist

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extending over twenty-five days. Upon an average he passed 1,018 c. ctm. of urine,

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duced to one-quarter of what they were, a result per-

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present. If this be considerable it adds materially to the gravity of the

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battles has demanded a large force of volunteer surgeons

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l jahresber. u. d. Fortschr. d. Thier., 1906, p. 349.

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SCORBUTUS, Gastralgia, Anaemia, Enteralgia, and to assist digestion.

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limping disappeared spontaneously and melancholia returned. In 1892 the

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in the fall, and relieve the 2d, so as to bring them to their stations about

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I think the local Boards of Health of the State should make it

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mother cells. B. botulinus, B. dysenterise, B. pyocyaneus, Staphylococcus