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Tricor Hong Kong Annual Report

attention of practitioners to the murmur which he called the " bruit

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the prim&ry absorption, and subsequent excretion, of u pur-

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in the contemplation of some imaginary object. The eyes are im-

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tetanus, as it is called, because the contraction produced by each stimu-

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bowels had become regular, and there was every indica-

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PRIVINE (brand of naphazoline) — Trade Mark Reg. U. S. Pat. Off. 2/1424M

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dermic of morpliia was given with hot fomentations to the epigastrium.

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system so as to enable Nature to overcome the disease. In a hu-

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that latter program we have protocols for [irradiation of]

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until the second year, appearing from July until frost. They are purple and are

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Hazen is the favorably known specialist in genito-urinary

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ed its full development. In this state of perfection, the organ rests some time,

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sequence there is no basis for the theory of 'axial gradient' in this

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the anatomist Hyrtl: The portal tree and the hepatic veins,

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began to suppurate. He had also felt chilly and disposed to

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tricor hong kong annual report

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survived this operation nine hours. He also showed specimens from a

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obstructs the performance of their functions. A good breath is

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breadth; the female 16 to 45 cm. by 6 mm. Both are -pia 39.— ^s

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and the patient loses his appetite and feels intensely depressed.

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The method has made great progress, especially among Ger-

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Leguminous plants, the so-called artificial grasses, were

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which was worn for many years after fire-arms were introduced,