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Having thus for a moment directed your attention to the
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Collapse or Syncope produced by surgical injuries or other
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were mostly floating free in the serous liquid. I have not been
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tal and private practice, if persevered in for two or three days, and there is no
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stomach contains a certain quantity of lactic, phosphoric, and
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hood, and typhoid fever at the age of fifteen years. For the past six
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time, but only in the hysterical. In some few people they occur during
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extensive hemorrhages. There is a remarkable similarity to the lesions
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ciency virus. We provide an overview of common ocular diseases in these patients, with an emphasis on signs and symptoms
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20° C. (3) Tlie epicritic system, by Avhich cutaneous localisation, the
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Surgery. Associate Attending Surgeon (Neurosurgery),
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anhydrous and recrystallized again from boiling xylene, in which it
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procedure. There has been a gradual improvement in the vision,
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men of large experience in abdominal and pelvic work, hence the argu-
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relaxed state of the stomach and intestines, sulphur, com-
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very varied. Thus there may be sensory disturbances, muscular atrophy,
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parts on the nerve centres in the spinal cord, but possibly it is also
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credit than Mrs. Hall of the Twelfth St., and Hunter of
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per cent, of the cases occur after measles). It is characterized by the
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openings, one opposite the second intercostal space and the other
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the treatment was continued for about one month. Two months after
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refers to Byron, Hippocrates, Burns, Shakespeare, and others. His
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