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low respiration, dulled intellect, lost appetite, concentrated and scant urinary

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patients suspected of having primary vesicoureteric reflux. A

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Department, further amelioration may be expected. Practical sanitary

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one-day magganna ", a very strong colic with vomiting but without

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no one would attempt c«'|)lialic version. So, too, if

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The taxpayer is not entitled to take his income as £800, and

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parts chloride of iron to 100 parts of distilled water. Lint soaked in this

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in relation to the " Diseases of Seamen," or of Sir Gilbert Blane,

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terminating without suppuration." Bateman adds, " this disease is

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sented numerous ulcers, from some of which the sloughs had

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result was observea in half an hour. At 1 1 .30 p.m. the injec-

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life through its incapacitating the system for the same degree of

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it is less dangerous than chloroform. It must also be

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firmed by the presence of bacilli. The most rapid in

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Turning to the biological results, or the power which these filters

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ease, when the pulse is strong, the coma not deep, and the

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a complicated apparatus, it is not practicable for the surgeon,

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cinerated. It is then hot enough to take the coating of

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needle should be early introduced. Thorough evacuation

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have been guilty of this most reprehensible business, and the re-

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square feet ; hence, the horse having four feet, his body rests on

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of cattle were very severely attacked and some could be seen dead and dying along-

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who was sumamed Murzuphle, in the year 1204, and died in

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reaction. By this means we equalize the circulation, and thus

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attached the peritoneal cavity was thoroughly washed out with

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were insufficient to accomplish the necessary ends or

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pathologically speaking, tabes and general paralysis are of the same

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The answer i^;, according to the opinion of Const, that tcu?

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used, there is a distinct though very thin crust over the site of inocula-

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in contact with the walls of the chest throughout quite a space.