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mare to a comfortable loose box every night, it should,

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On counting the globules in the field of the microscope, it was

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cigarette and covering it with a layer of rubber tissue.

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of the food, especially when the diet is regulated with reference

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production of gaugrene, and to this circumstance he ascribes the fact that the hard,

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Sanitary Inspector or M.O.H. makes a brief report on the back of the

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22d, and gained seven pounds in the ten days. No cocaine

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the most rational principle is to try and make an early diagnosis

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pected application of the meaning of what he said, dis-

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host of thoughtful teachers. Le Dran says: "The re-

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(which at length has grown to deformity) her children increase in rela^

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To prevent smallpox from developing on troopships Lieuten-

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the effect produced upon her. About midnight a physician was called,

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Regional fatality of wounds within forty-eight hours. — Dr.

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might become dangerous to the patients. By suppressing the adminis-

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were found redder tlian natural, indurated, thickened, with serum,

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oil." "The what?" queried the astonished doctor. u De dog-liver

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but what was the exact nature or origin of the sac or of its

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as the first. This summer the sores were not so bad as the first

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conditions of vascularity of the brain, though he does not

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In pharyngeal obstructions I never have any amount of

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Only partial amnesia, as she remembered the birth of the child. Both

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patients underwent biopsy with only fluoroscopic control

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The Equipment of the Medical College — ^Fred C. Zapffe, University

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mation of the internal ear, for in the latter affection the brain or

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serum subcutaneously was not sufficient to render guinea pigs entirely

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its skin a specific structure, which is predetermined and according to

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speech and preserve hearing. These children require se-

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Frey attributed the spasm to tension of the muscles, and showed that,

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but that the intense neuralgias in the temporal re-

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place through the lacerated surfaces of the cervix, vagina

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days, the tongue was clean, the lochia normal, the urine not in-

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still unaccounted for even when both water-soluble and insoluble

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Sharer, John P., Little Falls, Herkimer Co. Original.

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supporting him in the tub an open-work stretcher, a hammock, or a

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support the gradually increasing strain thrown upon them by

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But it has been said that there are decrees against

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26. Veal, J. R. : The prevention of pulmonary complications

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the case, that in all probability the poison, bleeding and

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The typical form is not frequent. As far as my observation goes,

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p. 618. — 8. Barling. Birmingham Med. Review, 1892, vol. xxxii. p. 223.-9. Bastian.

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which fires a magazine of human ills ; it is the spark to gunpowder. It was to a cold taken on