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culosis. An alteration of the urine does not appear to have been

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Turning to the biological results, or the power which these filters

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of in 4 cases in which the ulcer was situated in the lesser curvature,

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syphilis in infants and very young children. In such cases the

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matics — is entirely opposed to such chimerical fancies.

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an effect on collodion membranes not possessing a protein film. The

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dropsy to the end. Still, this is certainly not often the case.

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the urea in 5 c.c. of blood was completely decomposed by three tablets in

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which the wall of the puerperal uterus is " butterweich." For douch-

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vales and mountains of Scandinavia, and points to their history as proving the moral

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are distinctive. Dr. Edington's description appeared in the

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of the more dangerous forms of continued fever, and

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tion, weighing 13% pounds at six months. The claim has been made

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chest. In hydrothorax we get a dull solid sound, indicating great

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muscles. The erectores spinse in the lumbar region were the seat

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caused the discharge of a bloody, serous, fetid fluid. No enlarged

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at the Behringwerk. It consists of tubercle bacilli of the human

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occurred, especially when the operation has been done in the puerperium ;

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ill which llie meeting wan hold. Their lofty character

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emerging out of the savage state in literature, and time

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" by their bitternefs, irritating them to evacuation,

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docile, and thus increase his usefulness ; but his strength, stamina,

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degrees, and had remitted the examination of candidates to two members of the

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insomnia and in that of insanity ; it is valuable in cerebral

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dencins its failure to act as a contracting onamber.

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removed as to require the immediate application of a large abdom-

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Germany cheaper than the flowers could be picked here, if the fields

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tained from a sample of oil of lemon of suspected purity the last winter, and

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Lotions are medicated solutions used externally. Evaporating

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Acute miliary tuberculosis, a complication of catar-

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emia postbronchoscopy." One cannot assume that this

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depends has been shown by Dixon and Halliburton^ to be a hormone '

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addition to the above treatment silver nitrate, 15 milligrammes in a

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duced by the pressure of the air current above the stric-

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lent. The stools are merely solutions of the aliiiient, and unmixed

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as to frequency in 72. This apparent preponderance may only have