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tion is to protect the joints. Just as the eye is auto-

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The uterus was elevated and immovable, the neck forcibly pushed backwards

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and prostatectomy, very large prostate, Elliot, J. W., 379; supra-

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it may be present only on the same side as the abscess. It has been

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Inoculation for smallpox — Systems of medicine — Medical au-

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was the case of a young girl from Rochester, an out-patient at St Thomases Hospital,

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structure. The adenoid tissue is probably a fine ramification

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(concentrated alcoholic solution of methylene blue 30 c.c. ; caustic potash

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lar disease), and kidney troubles," contains in each fifteen-

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followed. This also happened for the next three times of using

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dissimilar from other religious beliefs. This difference may

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conditions. Concerning the conditions which determine necrosis little is

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which- the physical sciences tljen received, were evidently not the result

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nutrition ; the brain continues to present an immature foetal appearance

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Medicine is a liberal profession; thepractit its are, or ought to be,

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immediately sprang over a four-foot wall. I have not seen her

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denuded surfaces (of the stump) are first united in the depth near

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once more. And having assured himself that his nose, fingers, and

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spinal cord. Medical Press and Circular, London, 1894, u. s.,

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creeps gradually downwards, as one told me, he felt his '' windpipe

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centre. When the vesicle has attained the limit of its growth (five

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slowly, stirring all the time. When getting cold stir in it

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" We restrict education, as we think," says Professor Ribot, " within

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sometimes, but not always, as if the result of an effort of the will; they lasted a

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dressing or an unbroken sheet of cotton wool, charged with salicylic

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present at the base of the great vessels. The myocardium was cloudy.

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to an undue softness of the chest-wall,' the solid organs subjacent may

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of instancep are on record wherein 83, 85, and 88 per cent, of

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opinion as to the disease. Pain and lameness in the right

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3. Rapidity of operation will be an essential factor in

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and mounting of an object by the above process does not exceed five

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became imminently typhoid. In all these cases, too, the