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for over thirty years has given me some good results. I have

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developed a picture which is unrivalled for the clearness and accuracy with

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of stuffing, as have some of our Western Editors, if we may judge from the character

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tion, may be cured by vaginal incision and drainage, but in the event of

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hysterectomy had been performed in February 1897, for carcinoma

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tainly a strange contrast with the observations of more recent periods

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When the second stage is thoroughly established, and the tem-

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destroyed in the circulating blood.^° Should this occur, or should there

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from the functions of sensorial life ; those from the sexual func-

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intra-uterine injection of the corrosive sublimate of

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so powerful an influence over excessive uterine discharge, that I am

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With regard to apparatus, all that is required is a supply of flat

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strait-waistcoat, or of straps, or muffs, is almost entirely banished

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from the border of the sternum. The aneurismal sac is in relation above

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pressed as close to the root as possible, it should be made to cut its way

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there evidence of absorption of the lacuna?. In the wall of one of

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rage the feelings of a poor dumb brute. Yet, for the honor of our

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If there will not be at least two-thirds of the root left after ampu-

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GEON-, Docteur en Philosophic et en Medecine, &c. Paris, 1829. Rouen freres,

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be sufficient with children. With young adults it may be

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would appear in some and not in other cases. Hypertrophy of the spleen

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let stand for fifteen minutes and the poison will be destroyed.

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than cause nausea or headache, but which in large amounts may, if

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but muscles and ligaments, mucous membrane and skin, the

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of hardened faeces were brought away. Shortly after this a small bougie was in-

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ate sanatorium where the closest personal attention is

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death. Fortunately the appearances observed at the post-

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ment, entered upon practice, and began to fit himself for a professorship

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September 27, 1830, spent his entire life there, and

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Hanson, Dr. D. D., on nature and cause of asthma, 18.

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disturbances, and if let run on it may extend up the urethra to the bladder

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ends, which should be near a window ; elevating the pelvis

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ease, but will not always attack the true j The dissection necessary to expose the vein

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ules. This superficial inflammation is of course much less severe in

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stored. This same hartshorn gives almost instant relief from

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