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M. D., Courtney James Clark, M. D., and Jno. P. Fumiss,

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percentages of patients in whom these medical events were believed to be related or possibly related to the drug

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dead; no history of miscarriages; denies sj^hilis and does not use alcohol; seven

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3. When the surface of the ulcer is so irregular that complete excision is im-

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had taken place during the year, but spoke of the decease of ten grad-

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ing in childbed, although never followed by convulsions,

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men, as to the value of electrolysis in the treatment of strictures of the

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the groping action of people with extremely defective sight.

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all the symptoms of intense inflammation of the brain. A few years since,

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do. There is a vague account of two seizures. He was then brought to this

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descendants, as far as the great-grandchildren, had exhibited the disease.

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possible and impossible are changing, and that our efforts

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of some of Dr. Seguin's peculiar views, which might well have been

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either of his deputies on receiving such warrant may therewith proceed to

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