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erectile tumors. In one case the tumor was seated on the nose, in the other on
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other, his load was overturned, and he was thrown violently to the
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an old one. It is quite conceivable that the inflammatory and toxic
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coma. Epilepsy might be called the glaucoma of the brain,
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weakened, say by disease, or dissipation, or "caught nap-
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any of you failed to hear it, and have not read it, let us commend
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surface to repress exuberant granulations. It came in contact with a sharp
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readable in four or six hours, understandable in four or
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cules are always formed by union of a large number of
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only of shght pain in the back. There was no tremor or other
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liferation round them. The nerve-fibres have disappeared in some places,
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ing was used in one-fifth of the cases, not as a rem-
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passive character ; he is incessantly talking ; and his arti-
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nant ulceration in the mouth is stated as a cause in
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sei'vice by Dr. Arthur Wagers. The philtrum, premaxilla and
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nities, and which render it less liable to be influenced by
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a competent doctor on one or two days in the week for medical
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option for many patients with brain lesions. Although ra-
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There is another feature which sometimes increases the hazards of
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Affections," the last two of which are re-prints from the Mass.
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cases, in which we had any reason to anticipate such action here referred to.
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guinea pigs to 10,000-15,000 with an average of 13,200 per cmm.
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the head and tail, whence results the separation of these two parts of the sper-
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developed by causes which would be quite inadequate to produce
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it is a selection of a layman, so far as the medical pro-
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Then^eutics at the University of Bishop's College, &c, - - 474
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til the strength is all obtained, strain and add : honey, 1
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This is also what happens in leuceemia, as in other kinds of
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But as regards ultimate results, this does not seem to be of much consequence,