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Storing Amaryllis Belladonna Bulbs

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discovered that though the fleas hopped on to the skin yet they
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and Bacteriology, May 1898. — 19. Sutherlanb and "Watson, Cheynb. "A case of
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wood engravings. Being also Volume IV of the "Cyclopedia
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of an admirable character — that similar legislation has been passed
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the length 30 to 35 microns. The largest number were roundish with a mean diam-
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Muraged the continuance of a treatment in spite of absence of improvement long
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tive Officer of the Congress, and all who desii'e to present
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and on the 7th of August, 1897, orchidectomy was done by
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bral irritation or from a complicating meningitis. Organic disease of the
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trial to study the effect of excluding patients without telephones in a study of telephone reminders in an
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Hospital (under Dr. Buck), fracture of right femur two inches
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should also be removed. If the anterior chamber be penetrated other measures
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nation is applied to wounds, ulcers, abscesses, etc., with
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the horizontal position and closely watched. If the heart re-
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visible to the naked eye by the beam, although in such cases they can
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of slow arsenical poisoning are of a milder character, and are remittent.
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"Cohn, A. E.: Jour. Exper. Med., 1912, xvi, 732; Eobinson, G. Canby: Ibid., 1913,
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was explored in all directions with the finger within the dura, and as far
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altered the force of the peristaltic movements in the
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operated on. I have operated on nine cases of tubal
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tions, and in the complete dischtirge of all public obliga-
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The violent peristalsis is promptly quieted and the intestine is given
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one to decide which is present. Measurement of the length of
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after the same preliminaries as I have described in con-
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ally make light of his injury, from the absence of any marked in-
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Report of CommitUt on Lateral Ofirvaiurt oj the Spine. 803
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known in connection with this disease, but the mode
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dice of their health, and in violation of every rule of military service.
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are removed in this way, as if amputation had been performed. Eare
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" Before entering on a description of the MS. and his researches therein, Dr. Capparoni
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2 Annalcs des Mai. de I'Or,, etc. No, 6, June, 1887.
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of this spell she had been lately detected, jgad that it was
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plain to the patient (1) that the tent may possibly cause some
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this circumstance became ajiparent, the incision was
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yet the temperature yields to regulation of the diet. Neurotic