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gastric tube. 80 Thereafter, patients received 325 mg of

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this we may be certain, that it cannot act, perhaps cannot be developed, in the

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succeeded in evacuating all the wounded during a critical period of a withdrawal from a village,

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through all future time. Here, in some one or all of its several de-

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The question of heredity is an interesting one in con-

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between summation in the peripheral neurone and alliance of

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through the hostile part of the city. They subsequently became

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one year of age 807 j acute diseases of the respiratory organs

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mined a greater percentage of fibrin, and an accumulation of,

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discovered a small hole between the middle and ring

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complex; that is to say, that it acts upon general nutrition by

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slight cough, without expectoration, no appetite. I asked her to

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are such that to do satisfactory work the student must

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during some phase of the cycle, and the question arises as to whether it

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ticularly the allusion to giving veronal as an aid to general

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menced as a subscription establishment by an obscure agricultural

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language: "There is one agent that Dr. Reeves has not alluded to, which, be- .

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therefore behooves us to exercise the utmost caution in the admin-

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perimenting, or is likely to experimoit, with reproduction in tiiree

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cent, of cocaine and five per cent, of so<iium nitrite

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pneumonia, more rarely croupous pneumonia or pleurisy, may occur.

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degree, whenever it leads to disturbances of which eye-strain constitutes

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structed from dissections of the heart (Miss De Witt). All of the branches in the left ventricle

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want; in a week or ten days this skin will die and drop off; if not, in

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Agencies and Modes of Transmission. — Observation has abundantly

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headache and vomiting, followed by a sense of prostra-

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ring before the age of puberty it presents a conspicuous

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It is said by Max O'Rell that on reaching your hotel by cab from

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*' The voice is always hoarse, and finally becomes so feeble that it is withdif*

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persistent effort, a more genuine and lasting recognition is

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Wallace Creek, July 29, 1894 (No. 646); Cummins, July 30. 1895

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