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except a four-day attack in March, after a severe influenza.

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Only one opening was found, and this was closed with

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benefit posterity through the agency of heredity " : while the aim

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traction, the time occupied by the transmission of the sensation and the

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growiug. During etherization, however, the respira-

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ments convulse and cripple their power, and shatter their comtitu-

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greater harmony of the married life. Through all the happy waiting

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eat, and in this way we may be receiving noxious intestinal worms

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ever, of any unusual sensation while swallowing, or

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constitutional implication. — Of late years it has been main-

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mode of cure as it sometimes occurs in this organ, the disease

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of potassium must be used. Since its introduction, indeed, the terrors of

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time at which the urine was voided. So far as known, if the filaria be

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On sonic double Attentates and Phosphates, by M. VVach. —

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stract #42. Presented at the American College of Allergy and Immunology meet-

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We need YOU to tell us about an impaired colleague!

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18' C, and the same result was attained in four hours if 5 drops

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method of Baccelli is demonstrated to the point of view that in-

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of the medical school. There are approximately 80 voting Council members, 1 1 of whom are

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the optic thalamus as such. Nor are the facts sufficient to indicate the

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Yorkville will share his office with a physician of good standing.

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be duped by the vendors of nostrums, then relief can only be had

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productive if the injurious salts can be eliminated. This

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fied lymph nodes into susceptible animals, have failed, however, to

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Medical Assembly of the Inter-State Postgraduate Med-

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rhea gravidarum and hydrosalpinx. Cowles, F. S., 499; a case of

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ter and a teacup of hop yeast. Let stand for 24 hours,


can only be reconciled by the adoption of the principle of Chalin, de

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with reform in the community. It is in vain to expect that the public will

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by tobacco ; the hygienic and social question ; ef-

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Yale University; M.Phil. 1972, Yale University; Ph.D.

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In the manufacture of high explosives clinitro-henzole is largely

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Of the part of the pamphlet referring to the fractured humerus, we

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since its influence is not recognized when some form of nerve blodc

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pickled, in a bottle of Madeira wine with a little sugar.—

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medium for immediate communication with the medical professloik of the

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tion asking for the privilege of having a member of the Academy present,